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Is your friend a bloodthirsty werewolf? Is your neighbor a demon from the eternal abyss? Band together in the small town and unmask the evil characters before everything is lost

A terrible curse has spread to our fair city. A curse that if left unchecked, will threaten us all. The nights have grown long, and with it, hordes of evil creatures come with it. Werewolves, demons, skeletons, ghouls, and they all want just one thing. To feast on our flesh and take over our souls.

But we will not stand for this! We will band together and root out this evil. Together we will unmask whoever is behind this, and put a stop to this menace.


Wolflord is a multiplayer online intrigue game, where you will be matched with other players and put in small groups, where it is vital to your survival that you eliminate the evildoers among you. Or, if luck will have it and you draw an evil card yourself, work with your secret team to take control of the game.

Lies, deception, evaluation and careful speech is key components to the game of Wolflord.


Wolflord is a modern take on the classic Mafia/Werewolf game genre that have existed as party games since the 80s.


We donate 10% of all game proceedings to the Colorado Wolf Sanctuary.

Инструкция по активации игры

  1. Скачайте клиент Steam с официального сайта и установите.
  2. После установки введите логин и пароль от вашей учетной записи, либо создайте новую, и войдите в свой аккаунт.
  3. В меню "Игры" выберите пункт "Активировать через Steam". В появившемся окошке нажмите "Далее" и согласитесь с "Соглашением подписчика службы Steam".
  4. Активируйте полученный после покупки ключ активации.
  5. После активации установите игру и играйте в своё удовольствие!
  6. Также ключ можно активировать через браузер.

Сперва войдите в свой аккаунт Steam через браузер, который используете в данный момент), потом уже активируйте ключ. Удачи!

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